Sip to Viber Gateway

Viber is used as a mobile sip client or IP phone

What it gives?

Conveniens for your client

Most of your customers have Viber installed.

Quick setup

No need to waste time and nerves for configuring IP phone.

Reliability applications

Viber automatically resets the communication channel in case of interruption or change the IP address.

Flexible routing

Our Viber Gateway sends your SIP server SIP standard codes.

Where to use?

Virtual PBX

Alternative mobile SIP phone

IP-phone, VoIP-phone - uses easy to setup Viber app

IP telephony

The integration of IP telephony and Viber app

For SIP providers easy setup on the client side.

Virtual numbers

Additional Features

Simplify setup DID numbers and mobile applications.

Price per month

One Viber number = $ 1 / month
Unlimited incoming calls.

кол-во Viber номеров:

Test call to Viber


Viber app application on your computer, phone, tablet

1. Enter the number Viber
2. Call one of the test numbers.
3. Enter the access code.
In the working embodiment the access codes, of course, will not.

Viber номер: