Virtual Mobile Number Ukraine Kyivstar, Vodafone, Life

Multi Channel DDI (DID) Cell Phone Number

Price list

Monthly fee for using a virtual mobile number

Special price for for non-commercial use:

number + channel = $5 / month

Incoming phone calls

1. Virtual mobile number (incl. 1 incoming channel)
$5 / month
2. Virtual landline number, Kyiv city area (044) incl. 1 incoming channel
3. Additional incoming channel (mobile or landline) - $5/month
4. Number and length of incoming calls
Not limited
5. Set up fee
0 (zero)

Multi Channel Virtual mobile number Ukraine.

How to receive calls?

On your computer, iOS or Android

To receive calls on your computer or mobile device you need to install free software SIP-phone.

On a fixed SIP phone

A stationary SIP phone receives calls over the Internet using the SIP protocol

On the IP-PBX

Calls from multi-channel mobile numbers can be sent to your IP-PBX, eg Asterisk, via the SIP protocol.