Virtual Mobile Number Ukraine Kyivstar, Vodafone, Life

Multi Channel DDI (DID) Cell Phone Number

Price list

Monthly fee for using a virtual mobile number

Special price for for non-commercial use:

number + channel = $5 / month

Incoming phone calls

1. Virtual mobile number (incl. 1 incoming channel)
$5 / month
2. Virtual landline number, Kyiv city area (044) incl. 1 incoming channel
3. Additional incoming channel (mobile or landline) - $5/month
4. Number and length of incoming calls
Not limited
5. Set up fee
0 (zero)

Multi Channel Virtual mobile number Ukraine.

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Total: $ 5

How to receive calls?

On your computer, iOS or Android

To receive calls on your computer or mobile device you need to install free software SIP-phone.

On a fixed SIP phone

A stationary SIP phone receives calls over the Internet using the SIP protocol

On the IP-PBX

Calls from multi-channel mobile numbers can be sent to your IP-PBX, eg Asterisk, via the SIP protocol.